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  • Case Study


    CEO Support

  • Part way through an investment period for a high growth organisation, Drax provided the search support to replace the CEO. The incoming CEO was tasked with delivering a revised investment plan to deliver significant organic growth, which had stalled under the previous leadership. The incoming CEO was introduced to our Leadership practice as they quickly identified that a key challenge was with the “in place” leadership team. 

    Working with the CEO and the full leadership team, we ran a diagnostic process to establish where the key challenges were and what impact these were having on the organisational effectiveness and performance. 

    This diagnostic approach included a psychometric assessment of the team and the use of our own Organisation Effectiveness Tool to identify where there were significant differences of view on the organisational challenges and consequent vision.

    This highlighted challenges with the leadership team working together and so the focus was on creating better connections across this team. 

    We developed a programme which included two workshops and a team coaching session and, as a result, the team were able to have more honest and authentic conversations about the challenges in each functional area in a way which had not previously been possible. 

    Sharing these challenges and providing a tool kit to enable them to work on challenges together to reach a conclusion and develop action, meant that issues were identified and resolved much more quickly and the team started to work together. This in turn supported the organic growth story that the CEO was tasked with delivering, with a significant change in results.

  • 28/03/2017