Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion

DRAX, powered by Leadership Dynamics, promotes equality and diversity.

Of all our shortlisted candidates during quarter one in 2023, we maintained a standard in which 20% were gender diverse and 35% of placed candidates were female executives.

Embedding Equality and Diversity within Leadership Evaluation, Executive change and Development

Our work reinforces that diversity and inclusivity develop stronger leadership teams and performance.

Cognitive diversity between leaders enables the board to provide proper governance by ensuring every decision has been robustly discussed.

Behavioural and physical homogeneity in leadership teams creates weaknesses that will impact the company’s performance.

We evaluate all aspects of an individual leader that are material to their probability of success in a specific leadership role. Our objective is captured through our leadership dynamics platform: to identify and evaluate the best person from within the most diverse group of individuals.

Alongside promoting hidden insights and benchmarking, DRAX strives to promote equality and diversity in the executive search space with placement based on fact rather than biased, emotive factors.

Guaranteed equality and diversity

Removes human bias

Entirely inclusive

Pinpoint’s skillset and compatibility


Gap analysis

More about DRAX

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