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We never underestimate the value of experience and its impact on success. With over two decades of advising and delivering leadership change, our team has developed a deep context and sensitivity for the work we undertake.

We Value Experience and Objective led Insights

With such an experienced team, we extract tremendous value from working closely with our clients and leveraging their expertise whilst developing data-led insights to challenge our biases.

We believe in the power of people, which is why we invest as much as we do to ensure our clients have access to the best insights and advice, ensuring all decisions can be made objectively with a clear goal in mind.

We work with our clients to help develop the leadership capital within each invested company to enable their success.


  • Leaders are the primary lever for value creation.

  • Leadership is the most readily influenced variable throughout the investment life cycle.

  • Without the right value creation team, the value creation plan will not achieve its impact.

  • There is no perfect team but there are teams that have great complementarity.

  • Once you've assured the team has the skills and experiences, it is then all about behaviours.  


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