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Executive Change

When developing high-performing teams, the first question is ‘whom?’ before asking ‘how?’ After all, people are the cornerstone of performance.

Negotiating change in any organisation can be challenging. Even if the change is likely to deliver benefits, the process of getting there can be fraught. Unforeseen problems can derail the change process, key decision-makers can lose sight of the value creation plan, and people can become disillusioned.

Effectively managing change requires confident and intelligent leadership, but change management is a skill that people have to develop.

What is executive change?

Change management takes a systematic approach to deal with a transformation in the goals, technologies or processes of an organisation. Its purpose is to develop and implement strategies that affect and control the change process, making sure the potential of any change is maximised while people are helped to adapt. Centred around a value creation plan, it is an overarching approach that takes an organisation from its current to a desirable state using a structured approach in collaboration with stakeholders but driven by leadership.

Leadership is the Primary Lever for Success

It’s critical to understand who in the team is driving value. This forms the foundation for even greater leadership insights, building a complementary leadership team has the potential to be greater than the sum of its parts.

As the challenges within businesses change, so does the capability required to lead the business to succeed. Our capabilities allow us to develop ‘smart’, Leadership Dynamic, insights throughout the private equity life cycle.

We act as both an ‘insights’ and ‘delivery’ partner: we advise our clients and, where appropriate, deliver executive change, having evaluated the fit of the individual and team to the challenge and the opportunity.

How leadership facilitates and supports change

To effectively manage change within an organisation takes leadership buy-in and active support.  Leaders should clarify the precise nature of the change, why it’s happening and the steps that are being taken to achieve it. Clear and effective communication is vital throughout the process as remaining clear and transparent through the change process is vital.

Leaders must take their organisation on a journey with them, signposting the way and providing an effective route map to achieving organisational goals.


  • We are leadership specialists for high growth investor backed companies.

  • Our specialism is tangible in our knowledge, track record and the tools we have developed.

  • The advent of technology and B2B social media platforms has made the identification of candidates a commodity play.

  • We’ve invested in our abilities to analyse and evaluate performance across, sectors, companies and people.

  • We are a people led businesses that uses technology and data science to enrich the customer experience. 

  • We on-board our candidates better than anyone else.


Executive Search & Assessment

As well as being crucial to managing change, leadership is the most readily influenced lever in value creation. By investing in the skills of your leaders, you can positively influence the exit horizon. At DRAX,  through our proprietary tool, Leadership Dynamics, we can visualise a leadership team's abilities, competencies and experiences across multiple dimensions in a scientific, objective and easily understood quadrant.

This empowers investors and CEOs of high-growth companies with the knowledge to ensure they have the right balance across their teams to manage a process of transformation. Working alongside our clients we advise not only on executive placement but ensure that teams are fit for the specific challenges of their value creation plan. 

Interim Assignments

Any gaps in experience or skills to manage a change process in its entirety can be supported by highly-skilled interim placements. DRAX can provide interim leadership solutions for the duration of a specific project, giving you the know-how you need to effectively manage the change process and maximise its potential.

What's the Value?

Our performance and behavioural analytics provide an enriched compelling experience for all. We provide full market access, Our clients never miss out. We help our clients get ahead of the crowd.

PACE promotes diversity

Our clients are not dictated by poor current diversity within any sector.

We are fully invested in the success of private equity, with more consultants, assignments, and funds than any other service provider. Our knowledge of past and present can not be bettered.

Our leadership insights, executive change and deal advisory services support our creativity to add value to our client's pre and post-deal.

Competitive advantage 

Our unique capability develops insights that aren’t available anywhere else.

Consistent success 

We have broken the constraint that good service and success depend on whom you work with and what they know within a firm.

Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation 

Our focus provides our clients with a competitive advantage.

Help your leadership teams maximise their potential

DRAX supports clients by acting as a consultative partner in their drive to create value by helping leadership teams optimise their leadership capital. We help our clients understand the strengths of each individual team member and what may be needed to achieve balance across their teams with their value creation plan in mind. If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, then contact us today.

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