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DRAX supports private equity houses and investors with critical leadership insights as well as the delivery of leadership change throughout the deal life cycle, focusing on optimising the value for all.

How can we help?

To investors, we offer the following services;

  • Pre deal - Deal origination, identification, advisor sourcing and Leadership Insights

  • Post Deal - Leadership insights, executive change and blot on identification

How can we help?

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Helping businesses to understand their investments

DRAX helps investors develop value through the leadership teams of the investments they consider and make.

We work with investors to help them understand the leadership impact of the individuals and the teams within each investment.

DRAX also works with investors through every step of the deal lifecycle, to develop leadership solutions that optimise the value of leadership, and positively impact the performance of the company.

Pre Deal 

Origination, Early Access and Advisor Sourcing: We enable early board access to investment opportunities, help our clients originate new investments, and source specialist deal advisors. Our deal advisors are selected on a deal-by-deal basis, with the business track record to establish their credibility within both the domain and the value creation journey of the investment. They act to facilitate the initial thinking surrounding the investment, test conviction, and ultimately, if the investment hypothesis stands up to scrutiny, act as part of the team to secure the opportunity.

Post Deal 

Leadership Evaluation: As soon as the deal has been completed, and during the first 100 days of planning, we work alongside the leadership teams to develop critical insights. These insights can demonstrate just how successful the leadership team will be in executing the value creation plan, and will develop options to strengthen the team and their ability to succeed.


Management Optimisation: The period of time between the first 100 days post-investment and exit is what we refer to as 'inflight'. It’s a critical part of the investment lifecycle that, unless the leadership team understands exactly what and how they need to do, can be the time in which value is eroded. It’s the longest period of time the leadership team occupies, and consequently, both external market conditions and changing internal circumstances can impact the company’s performance.

Our Promise

Our promise is to empower investors and management teams of high growth businesses within the private equity cycle to understand the current and future impact of leadership.

Real time market insight

Our insights platform provides us and our clients with access to the executives and teams across the private equity market place and to those with potentially transferable skills.

20+ years of industry experience, knowledge and development

Our leadership insights and track record of executive change and development have never been more relevant in developing value throughout the entire deal life cycle.

Strategic evaluation of leadership teams

Leadership is key to developing value within private equity backed businesses. It is also one of the variables within an investment cycle that can be most readily influenced.

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