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Drax helps Executives develop their individual PACE behavioural profile

DRAX works with executives to develop their individual PACE behavioural profile. Through developing the individuals self awareness of their PACE profile, they are empowered to select the right team as much as the team is empowered to select the right individual. Understanding what you contribute to a team and where you would benefit by working with someone who has different strengths is critical to developing cognitive diversity.


We offer the below services to executives; 

  • Find out which opportunity in private equity is best for you based on your PACE behavioural profile 

  • Identify behavioural development opportunities

  • Join the PACE network from which you will have exclusive access to the latest leadership opportunities across private equity

  • Leadership Insights, executive change and deal origination


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Working with Executives to Enable Their Success

Enabling businesses and investors to find effective leaders, DRAX provides an unbiased and expert approach.

We work in harmony with investors and businesses to ensure they receive a best-in-class service. We identify the right individuals to add value to leadership teams.

Our work supports individual leaders in developing their understanding of where and how they can be most impactful–what can they contribute to the existing leadership team today, and what can the leadership team contribute to them?

For leaders who are not within a private equity backed business, we will help develop their awareness of the demands private equity will place on them, and how they can maximise their potential.

We evaluate all aspects of an individual leader that are material to their probability of success in a specific leadership role. Our objective is captured through our leadership dynamics platform: to identify and evaluate the best person from within the most diverse group of individuals.

Alongside promoting hidden insights and benchmarking, DRAX strives to promote equality and diversity in the executive search space with placement based on fact rather than biased, emotive factors.

Our Promise

Our promise is to empower investors and management teams of high growth businesses within the private equity cycle to understand the current and future impact of leadership.

Harmonious collaboration

DRAX focuses on sourcing appropriate executive placements, ensuring a strong and collaborative leadership team, benefiting both portfolio businesses and investors.

Almost two decades of industry knowledge and expertise

With a wealth of experience, our team of knowledgeable experts are on hand to provide unbiased and professional support throughout the leadership lifecycle.

Private Equity cycle

Executives seeking to work within the industry can submit a PACE evaluation and be added to DRAX's network of high potential placed executives.

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