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Leadership Evaluation and Management Optimisation

Leadership is the primary lever for value creation. It is also one of the variables within the investment lifecycle that can be most readily influenced.

Management optimisation ensures that the leadership team managing the investment has the abilities, both individually and collectively, to meet the challenges required to execute the value creation plan.

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Optimising Management Teams to Achieve Optimal Business Growth

Not every performance challenge can be resolved by changing the leadership team, and quite often, the more immediate gains and opportunities come from challenging the existing team to achieve greater results.

DRAX enables leaders to understand the challenges their senior teams face and how they can practically support them to achieve better performance.


  • It is great when a leadership team comes together and delivers, but why leave it to chance? 

  • Optimising management teams through skills, experience and behaviour.

  • Assuring the leadership team has the capability to execute the investment hypothesis.

  • Engineering performance in leadership design.


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