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DRAX is a strategic leadership specialist for private equity, across executive search, leadership development/insights and deal advisory. As leadership specialists we support business owners and investors of high-growth companies to maximize their value creation plans within their business.

Our work consists of advising and delivering; leadership insights, leadership development and leadership change. We provide support to our clients, both private equity houses and private equity backed businesses to maximise each leadership team to ensure the business can reach maximise it’s full potential and value.

We reflect the sectors of our client's profile and advise on leadership and leadership transformation in a multitude of areas where our clients invest. With strong practices in the Technology & Tech Enables, Consumer & Leisure, Financial & Professional Services, and Business Service Industries including Health.

How can we help?

We provide a range of services across these industrial sectors. We can locate the finest professional talent for businesses to help them achieve their strategic goals. Our private equity management services provide critical leadership insights and the delivery of leadership change throughout the deal cycle. We focus on optimising the value for all. Our deal advisory services help businesses evaluate and navigate deals to maximise value creation.

How can we help?

Why choose Drax?

With over two decades of experience in assisting leadership teams to achieve their full potential across a range of industrial sectors, we are the first choice of ambitious companies. Our work is underpinned by our unique proprietary insight platform, providing actual leadership analysis to private equity firms and backed enterprises.

We understand the unique challenges of different industries and provide critical leadership insight throughout the entire deal life cycle.

Utilising data to capture the entire addressable market

We utilise our proprietary data tools to define a complete addressable market for each search. Using Leadership Dynamic's company search platform, we can distil specific criteria for each brief and ensure we are considering candidates from diverse backgrounds rather than solely our existing network, referrals or the obvious targets.

Evaluation, Evaluation, Evaluation

Using our Private Equity specific, proprietary tools, we provide comprehensive behavioural profiling for each of the short list candidates. This is supplemented with our own detailed analysis and extensive informal referencing. As well as individual reports on candidates, we can link this back to the findings on the existing team. Our PACE test is the only behavioural assessment tool focused specifically on private equity backed businesses. We also provide extensive informal referencing on each of the candidates we present.

Our Experience and Track Record

We are the market leader in Private Equity executive search with an extensive track record of supporting with C-suite appointments across all sectors. We are the market leader in Private Equity executive search with an extensive track record of supporting with CFO appointments across all sectors. We understand the behavioural traits that are required to be successful in these ownership structures and are extremely proud of our track record.

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