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Leadership expertise for private equity, portfolio companies & management teams

Pre & Post Deal

We offer our clients the smartest insights on their potential & current leadership teams to help drive maximum returns. Our insights are derived from Drax’s role as the leading executive recruiter for private equity invested companies, heavily supported by our proprietary data platform drxDigital.

We support our clients with access, insights & opportunities to deal advisors, leadership development, & management teams. In a results driven environment our passion is leadership.


Leadership teams within private equity backed company environments often don’t require any more motivation to succeed. Our support is grounded in practical actions that individuals & teams can own.

Our capabilities are a blend from the best of psychology with actual leadership experience within a PE backed company. Authenticity is core to the situations in which we support.



We believe upper quartile exits occur when leadership is equal to the opportunity. But these are dynamic factors both capable of significant challenge & chance.

An exit is a hard data point measuring the effectiveness of the leadership team; it also presents a unique occasion to work towards a shared tangible future objective.




Leadership lag: planning for the future

Private equity firms are, according to Bloomberg, set to unload record amounts of unspent investor money while also coming to market to raise new funds. This is clearly good news after a chequered 15 months. Yet while the economic headwinds of Covid-19 may be behind...

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Carlyle acquires 1E

The Carlyle Group has acquired 1E, Unified eXperience Management (UXM) software solutions provider. 1E's technology currently manages over 11 million endpoints. Its Tachyon technology allows their customers to integrate it into their existing Microsoft and ServiceNow...

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Kester Capital exits Frontier Medical Group

Kester Capital exits Frontier Medical Group, a specialist medical device business.  Kester Capital acquired Frontier Medical in 2013, and helped it to grow from a UK focused family-owned business into a manufacturer and supplier of Pressure Ulcer Prevention and...

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What do our clients say about us?

Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges

Director, Caledonia Private Capital

"Rob and Ruby draw on personal experience in their chosen domains, are well networked, and take the time to understand the requirements of a search situation"

Chris Hodges
Jim Marsh

Jim Marsh

Former CEO, Cable and Wireless Worldwide PLC

"The difference with Drax – they care more, they understand the customer needs more and that manifests itself in being the best headhunters I have worked with."

Jim Marsh
Bob Darling

Bob Darling

CEO, Jensten

"I felt well informed and feedback from applicants was that they had been treated with huge respect."

Bob Darling


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