The 2023/4 LCap/DRAX Private Equity Executive Salary Survey is now open for Submissions. Click here to take our survey:

Private Equity Executive Salary Survey submissions is now open

Please share your valuable compensation insights with industry peers.

Complete the survey today to contribute to our comprehensive understanding of industry pay trends and career trajectories. Your input will help us provide valuable insights into C-Suite executive careers and salaries, enabling us to benchmark compensation across key verticals and identify in-demand skills. Click the button below to participate and have your say.

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Our Culture

Culture is formed by the behaviours of the people within the firm. This is why behaviours feature so prominently in our work, both with our clients and with our people. We strive to provide equal standards both internally and externally. Our values; Respect, Impact, Trust and Accountability help to provide the framework which we all operate in.

Our Vision

Every leadership team and investment made by private equity is powered by our insights and supported by our people.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to proving that leadership is the primary lever for value creation within private equity backed businesses.

Our Values

We believe in delivering on our commitments and values every time. Respect, impact, trust, and accountability shines a constant light on what we expect for ourselves.

More About DRAX

We support our clients through the full deal life cycle.

Our clients are:

  • Individual leaders joining private equity-backed management teams, seeking to understand how they and the team will work together.

  • Executives outside of private equity, seeking to understand whether a private equity-backed environment is right for them.

  • Leadership teams of both private capital and private equity-backed businesses, seeking to optimise their performance.

  • Pre-deal private equity investors evaluate the strength of the management team.

  • Post-deal private equity investors assure the value creation team against the value creation plan.

We are consumed by every aspect of the private equity life cycle and the different people it touches. Our services reflect the breadth of our knowledge and experience across leadership insights, executive change and deal advisory.     

Talk to our strategic consultants

For more information on the services we provide and how we can help your business, contact us today.

Pre Deal

The first step, known as the pre deal, consists of origination, early access and advisor sourcing. The first step of the private equity cycle focuses on the understanding of leadership teams ahead of investments through detailed evaluation, creating further opportunities for both businesses and investors.

Post Deal

The post deal is based upon leadership evaluation and the changes that need to be made in order to improve the likelihood of success. This includes supporting and steering the leadership team to ensure the business has as successful an exit as possible through benchmarking and gap analysis.


Focusing primarily on management optimisation, this step allows for adapting to market, industry and team changes. This in turn enables investors, businesses, and executives to adapt appropriately and efficiently through bespoke solutions whilst DRAX offers solutions and complementarity.

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