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Deal Origination & Early Access

Our use of data and our executive network provides our clients with increased optionality for deal origination, bolt-on acquisitions and early management access to future investments.

Providing a Competitive Edge

Our primary deal origination is supported by our objective data-driven “AI” programmes. Recording accuracy well above 70% provides our clients with a clear competitive advantage if they want to get ahead of IMs for platform investments, or drive their acquisition strategy by identifying the most attractive bolt on’s.

Conversely, our Leadership Capital Analytics Platform supports the analysis we undertake for assets already within the private equity cycle developing insights on leadership and exit timing.

We lead with our ideas and support our clients to provide a competitive advantage.


  • We work before corporate finance is appointed, providing our clients with a material time advantage to develop their understanding and level of conviction.

  • We can’t create origination but what we can do is read the signs to create opportunities. 

  • We work in advance of advisors not against them.   

  • Idea origination is part of our DNA.


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