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For portfolio businesses aspiring to achieve an exit event, or for those venturing through the private equity journey, DRAX has the experience, capability and people. We develop smart insights, deliver creative solutioning and we care.


DRAX and its team of strategic consultants are on hand to help guide businesses through every step of the private equity cycle. 

  • Develop critical leadership insights

  • Optimise management teams

  • Identify inorganic Bolt on’s

  • Promote cognitive diversity

  • Develop the functional balance needed for the business objective


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We Partner with Insights & Change

Curious to develop value within your Business, constrained by the leadership design and team today. We provide our clients with leadership insights designed to analyse a single fundamental question; how can you optimise your leadership team to optimise your business performance.

We highlight opportunities within the leadership team to accelerate businesses through their private equity journey. When our insights evidence executive change Drax can ensure the new addition to the management team delivers stronger team functional balance as well as greater cognitive diversity.

Our Promise

Our promise is to empower investors and management teams of high growth businesses within the private equity cycle to understand the current and future impact of leadership.

Private Equity solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering tangible value creation to private equity houses and portfolio businesses, focusing on the delivery of custom solutions.

Over 18 years of experience

With almost two decades of experience, our team of knowledgeable experts are on hand to provide unbiased and professional support.

Strategic leadership consultants

Our precise and innovative team provides advisory-led services for investors, businesses and executives with unparalleled data, diagnostics and solutions to ensure optimal exit success.

Case Studies

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