Interim Assignments

We provide interim leadership solutions for the duration of a specific project, which runs independently within a normal pre or post deal investment cycle. This provides flexibility to the investor, the company and the individual.

Providing Businesses With High-Impact Project Leadership

Across the entire deal lifecycle, there are times when you may feel you need another pair of hands to help run the business whilst completing specific projects. These projects are material to the success of the company, but to an already busy leader, not having the bandwidth, experience or skills presents a significant challenge.

Appointing leaders with particular skills or experience to run a specific project is a highly effective and cost-efficient way of developing the leadership team to meet the demands of the business. 


  • Leadership for specific projects are exceptionalised items and can be fed back in to adjusted EBITDA numbers.

  • Project hires mitigate risk as you are buying the skill and the outcome not the personality.   

  • Executives hired for specific projects maintains the focus of the existing core team. 

  • De-risks bad hires by allowing you to work with an individual before committing fully.


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