Leadership Dynamics

Evaluating leaders and leadership teams are at the heart of what we do. Referencing, interviews and management access, all help to develop a picture but that picture may be too simplistic to act as a basis for future decision-making. Evaluations of individuals and teams must be based on their physical and behavioural ability to achieve their business objectives as well as try to understand the impact of future events or challenges on the team and business performance.

Our analysis goes beneath the surface of an organogram, job titles and role descriptions develop a picture based on what is occurring. Once we have developed our leadership team insights our comparable analysis begins, asking critical questions and providing simulation modelling to develop the fullest understanding of the leadership team's capabilities and probability for success.

Data Driven Insights

Our use of data supports high-grade leadership insights whilst retaining anonymity. Our work pre-deal is often conducted at arm's length, so as not to unduly influence the leadership team of the investee company. Once the investment has been made our work continues but with direct access to the leadership team, where we work with them to optimise the success of the opportunity for all.


  • What is the best value creation plan based on the leadership team assembled?

  • How does the functional balance of the team impact their probability for success?

  • How do you obtain an immediate view on the leadership teams behavioural complementarity?

  • What is the least amount of leadership change that would create the biggest impact?

  • How do you find diverse top talent with great private equity behaviours?

  • How strong is this leadership team against their direct competitors?

  • What is the potential for leadership derailment during our investment?


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