Our Culture

Culture is formed by the behaviours of individuals within the firm. This is why behaviours feature so prominently in our work, both with our clients and with our people.

We strive to provide equal standards both internally and externally. Our values; Respect, Impact, Trust and Accountability help to provide the framework which we all operate in.

The foundation of success starts with its people and their behaviours.  

The Foundation of Success Starts with its People and their Behaviours.

Our Vision

Every leadership team and investment made by private equity is powered by our insights and supported by our people.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to proving that leadership is the primary lever for value creation within private equity backed businesses.

Our Values

We believe in delivering on our commitments every time. Respect, impact, trust and accountability are our guiding principles.


Our work demands respect for our objective, our clients, the opportunity, and ourselves without hierarchy. Each is as important as the other.


Our focus is on creating a positive impact through our work and with everyone we meet.


As we are often among the first external team members to be trusted with the news of potential leadership change, our trustworthiness is critical.


We own our own actions both individually and collectively.


Creativity and solutioning are at the heart of our firm. We are in the richest phase of innovation.


We are committed to providing and promoting equal opportunities, diversity and inclusivity, through our actions and our methods.

More about Drax

It’s all about people: ourselves, our clients, and the people we introduce as part of the solutions we provide. We support all of these people by ensuring they have access to the best tools, development opportunities, and smart insights to enhance decision-making. We want to promote the impact people have on developing value through the leadership teams of private equity backed businesses.

We have embedded data science and proprietary technology throughout our insights platform. It is down to the decades of experience that our people have attained through leadership within high growth companies and private equity, that enable the value and the impact of our work.

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