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The specialist Deal Advisory team augments our clients’ deal origination capabilities through thematic market mapping and target identification – including follow-on M&A opportunities and bolt-on targets. By facilitating direct early access to management teams, we create opportunities for our clients to; create angles, pre-empt processes, or to qualify conviction. Our extensive network and research capability also enables us to provide clients with access to the most relevant subject matter experts and deal advisors on an exclusive basis – and to identify available NED / C-Suite talent for a target company during a deal Process.

The Deal Advisory team partners with private equity funds globally throughout the deal lifecycle, to strengthen their conviction prior to each investment, and to corroborate their strategic hypotheses.

Our clients value the insights and support we provide throughout the deal lifecycle. Providing leadership teams with access to the most relevant deal advisors, we help our clients develop conviction for their investment and inject creativity into originating both platform investments and bolt-on acquisitions.

Our analytics platform provides us with the flexibility to cover the differing needs of our clients.

Leading Deal Advisory Solutions

We partner with our clients throughout the lifecycle of origination; from early access to leadership teams, sourcing the most relevant deal advisors, post-deal leadership evaluation and management optimisation.

Our support is predicted by our ability to develop smart insights, creative solutions and care for the work we undertake.


  • Origination

  • Identification

  • Deal advisory selection


How can DRAX help?

At DRAX, we provide a comprehensive Deal Advisory service for our clients. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a business, our advisory and strategic services help you fully evaluate any deal.

Our advisory professionals will use data-driven insights to help businesses make sound decisions about particular deals. By providing actionable and practical insights, we help clients minimise risk and implement strategic changes that increase the value of their investment and deliver tangible results.

The Deal Advisory capabilities cover four main services:

Origination & Early Access:

Thematic market mapping and target identificationIdentification of follow - on M&A opportunities / bolt on targets during deal process

Facilitation of direct access to executives and decision makers, providing angles and ability to pre-empt a process.

Advisor Sourcing:

Exclusive access to the most valuable company and competitor alumni, able to provide angles / expert knowledge on a deal

Engagements with select advisors possessing the insights to significantly enhance due diligence (key customers / regulatory environment / competitive landscape / etc.)

Leadership Assessment:

Propriety ‘Leadership Dynamics’ analysis enables data driven, statistically modelled arms-length assessment of management team capability during diligence phase

Qualification of views on incumbent management via discreet outside-in soundings & forensic referencing

Management Optimisation:

Identification of and introduction to potential ‘buy-in’ C-suite and Chair candidates who can co-create a value creation hypothesis prior to close

Mapping of available talent pool prior to deal closing –enabling rapid implementation of value creation plans

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