Onboarding Importance of Supporting Executive leadership

A private equity journey for any business that has received an investment is a unique experience. Firstly, there is a commitment to achieve business objectives within a defined and ambitious time period. Secondly, it demands leaders roll up their sleeves and have an impact. Consequently, the first few months can be a steep learning curve.

This illustrates the importance of considering how a new leader’s understanding, comfort and impact are developing even before they join the team.

Developing Impact for the Individual

We onboard the leaders who can maximise value for you. Our onboarding process considers the physical and behavioural dimensions of joining a new team.

Providing each new leader with a clear understanding of what they will encounter helps to bring any potential challenges to the surface.

Behavioural complementarity is pivotal in effectively assisting a leadership onboarding program, and the DRAX onboarding process enables businesses to monitor and report the key behavioural attributes of individuals within the leadership team.


  • 68% of executives fail because of political or behavioural failings; Research from the Corporate Executive Board 2021

  • Having invested to find the right person, why not invest to ensure their impact is maximised.

  • Leaders who hit the ground running contribute more for longer.

  • Managing change for both the individual and the team.


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