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We have over two decades of experience in evaluating and developing leadership teams within private equity backed businesses. We have lived with the consequences and impact of our evaluations and have developed a sensitivity to the nuances that have a disproportionate impact on success. We combine our experience with the power of our Leadership Dynamics analytics platform to develop insights on leaders and leadership teams to enhance our and our client's critical decision making.

Harnessing the Power of Leadership Teams

We believe in the power of people and the impact that leaders have on the performance of the business.

We support our clients to evaluate leadership teams pre & post deal.

Our insights help design the right structure for leadership teams as well as individuals.

We work with the leadership teams to develop the right balance of skills, experiences and behaviours to optimise their success.


  • A strength based approach, that also highlights the significant opportunities for derailment.

  • It’s not abstract analysis, we have developed a norm base for upper quartile performance.

  • Our insights tie back to the financial performance of the company.  

  • We can develop a large proportion of our insights without direct access to the team.

  • Our team includes expertise across psychology, data science and leadership.


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