Evaluating Leadership Using PACE for Individuals

Leadership styles and behaviours are critical in shaping the success of both individuals and teams within an organisation in today's dynamic business landscape. Understanding and cultivating effective leadership behaviour is critical for creating a positive work environment and accelerating long-term growth. Drax Executive, a well-known name in the executive search industry, recognises the importance of evaluating leadership potential and personal leadership through their PACE behavioural analytics.

DRAX employs PACE to identify the key behaviours observed in the top-performing leadership teams. PACE was created in collaboration with leading academics and private equity data to create the only behavioural assessment tool that objectively measures leaders and leadership teams in private equity and high-growth businesses. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of PACE for Individuals, its benefits for teams and companies, and Drax's pivotal role in promoting effective leadership behaviour.

Harnessing Team Complementarity Through Developing Individual Awareness

Our abilities, competencies and expertise are enhanced or diluted by the behaviours we illustrate, both individually and as a team.

PACE stands for Pragmatism, Agility, Curiosity and Execution: key outliers that, when captured within the team, can help to amplify the team’s performance and successfully face significant challenges.

Developing an understanding of an individual's PACE profile and how their behaviour can help strengthen the team or impact their performance empowers the individual to manage themselves and access untapped potential.


  • Working in a team is different from working as a team.

  • Talent should contribute different behaviours.

  • Fundamental to success.


What is PACE for Individuals?

PACE is our proprietary leadership behavioural evaluation model that allows high-performing leaders to understand their dominant behaviours and areas for growth. It focuses on evaluating the behaviours of individual leaders and empowering them to cultivate effective leadership styles in the workplace. Through a set of behavioural approaches to leadership, PACE aims to identify the unique strengths and areas for improvement of leaders, providing a roadmap for their personal and professional growth.

Differences between PACE for Individuals and PACE for Teams

While both PACE for Individuals and PACE for Teams aim to improve leadership effectiveness, they differ in scope and approach. PACE for Individuals delves into individual leaders' specific behaviours and attributes, addressing their personal leadership evaluation and potential. PACE for Teams, on the other hand, evaluates the collective dynamics and interactions of team members, identifying opportunities for improved collaboration and team performance.

Benefits of PACE for Individuals for Teams and Companies

Enhanced Leadership Effectiveness:

PACE for Individuals enables leaders to gain insights into their leadership styles in the workplace. By understanding their strengths and development areas, they can adopt effective leadership behaviours that positively influence their teams and the overall company.

Improved Team Dynamics:

Leaders who undergo PACE for Individuals become more self-aware and better equipped to lead their teams. They can adapt their behaviours to suit the needs of their team members, fostering a cohesive and collaborative work environment.

Increased Employee Engagement:

Effective leadership behaviour creates a conducive work culture where employees feel valued and motivated. As a result, employee engagement levels rise, leading to improved productivity and retention.

Talent Development and Succession Planning:

Identifying and nurturing leadership potential is crucial for an organization's long-term success. PACE for Individuals provides valuable data for talent development and succession planning, ensuring a steady pipeline of competent leaders.

Drax's Role within PACE for Individuals

Drax Executive plays a critical role in promoting leadership excellence we recognise that leadership behaviours are the foundation of a successful organisation, and we are dedicated to assisting individual leaders in reaching their full potential.

We take a holistic approach to assessing leadership potential, using a combination of behavioural assessments, in-depth interviews, and psychometric tools to understand each leader's unique characteristics. Drax can provide individualised guidance and development plans based on this knowledge, allowing leaders to improve their effective leadership behaviour.

Leadership styles in the workplace, as well as individual behaviours, have a significant impact on organisational success. PACE equips leaders with the tools they need to cultivate effective leadership behaviours. Leaders can foster a positive work environment, elevate team dynamics, and drive the company's long-term growth by understanding their own strengths and areas for improvement. Through their commitment to leadership excellence, Drax Executive continues to play a crucial role in nurturing the potential of leaders and facilitating the success of businesses worldwide.

Drax's Role within PACE for Individuals

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