Evaluating Leadership Using PACE for Individuals

PACE provides individual insight on how we think and behave so that the individual can understand how they might fit amongst the team. Our objective is to maximise the value of the individual for the team and themselves.

Harnessing Team Complementarity Through Developing Individual Awareness

Our abilities, competencies and expertise are enhanced or diluted by the behaviours we illustrate, both individually and as a team.

PACE stands for Pragmatism, Agility, Curiosity and Execution: key outliers that, when captured within the team, can help to amplify the team’s performance and successfully face significant challenges.

Developing an understanding of an individual's PACE profile and how their behaviour can help strengthen the team or impact their performance empowers the individual to manage themselves and access untapped potential.


  • Working in a team is different from working as a team.

  • Talent should contribute different behaviours.

  • Fundamental to success.


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