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Company Background:

Unity 5 is a leading software provider delivering SaaS solutions through “ZatSuite”, the UK’s leading provider of software to the parking and traffic management sector. The product suite provides a complete turnkey solution for both public bodies and private companies to effectively monitor and manage traffic and mobility services.

Synova Capital LLP operates as a private equity firm. The Company invests in mid-sized companies including technology, healthcare, consumer brands, and business and financial services sectors. Synova is recognised across the industry as one of Europe’s most innovative growth investors, generating market-leading returns from investing in companies typically valued at between £20m and £250m.


Mark Wilson recently had the pleasure of working with DRAX, in pursuit of a new leadership role. As a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience, He was seeking a position that aligned with his expertise and aspirations. Here is a detailed account of Mark's experience with DRAX and how our approach made a significant impact on his career transition.

Initial Connection with DRAX: The Candidate's Voice

"My introduction to DRAX occurred when I sought career guidance from the Chair of my previous company. Expressing my interest in re-entering the private equity sector, Patrick from DRAX came highly recommended. Our initial interaction was an informal introduction, followed by a unique PACE assessment, providing unprecedented insights into my professional profile. While I had undergone behavioural assessments in the past, the depth of the PACE report set it apart. The written report intrigued me, and the subsequent debrief proved exceptionally insightful. Understanding PACE reports requires expert guidance, which DRAX provided. They brought the assessment to life, shedding light on concepts like the Machiavellian triangle, previously unfamiliar to me."

Reconnecting for Unity 5 Opportunity:

"After a period of introspection and time off, Patrick contacted me about a distinctive role at Unity 5, a company placing significant emphasis on cultural fit. The entire process, from initial discussions with the team to final interviews with the founder owners, showcased DRAX's commitment to aligning the candidate's values with the company's culture."

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment:

"Unity 5's emphasis on both EQ and IQ in the recruitment process resonated with me, and DRAX played a crucial role in ensuring a seamless communication flow. This focus on cultural compatibility was a key factor in my decision to pursue the opportunity and ultimately accept the position of Chief Commercial Officer."

Ongoing Relationship and Expansion of Responsibilities:

"Post-placement, my professional relationship with DRAX has continued. My experience with DRAX has been characterised by effective communication, keen attention to cultural alignment, and a commitment to finding matches beyond just skillsets. Their ability to shape searches based on a thorough understanding of client needs and aspirations sets them apart in the executive search industry.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Drax for their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to creating successful matches between candidates and organisations. Their holistic approach to executive search, emphasising both technical skills and cultural fit, has undoubtedly contributed to the positive trajectory of my career."


“DRAX excelled in understanding the client's needs, effectively utilising the information to shape the search process. This proficiency was evident in identifying shortlisted candidates, as well as in preparing and communicating with me as a candidate, ensuring they comprehended the applicant's priorities. What stood out was DRAX's emphasis on effective communication, client understanding, and the commitment to finding matches not only based on capabilities but also aligning with the organisational culture”

- Mark Wilson, CCO at Unity 5

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