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Navigating Growth: Exploring Nutrimuscle's Success Story Through Strategic Team Expansion

Propelling Nutrimuscle's growth journey through multiple hires



Founded in 1993 as an answer to a scarcity of natural ingredients in the European sports nutrition market, Nutrimuscle has a differentiated and superior value proposition based on natural ingredients, organic & clean formulas, and transparent sourcing. The company benefits from a large and fast-growing community of brand lovers with a long history of unparalleled loyalty, engagement and repeat purchase behaviour. Today, the French brand boasts a high calibre of clients, from European cycling champions to Olympic athletes and bodybuilders.  


Bluegem is a Private Equity firm that partners with management teams and founders to accelerate the growth of strong consumer brands. With a track record of investing across Europe through different economic cycles, industries, and market conditions, Bluegem has refined its investment strategy to focus on resilient consumer segments benefiting from secular megatrends. 


As the leaders in private equity executive search, our team at DRAX showcased our unparalleled expertise by orchestrating multiple high-profile appointments for Nutrimuscle and Bluegem.  

The Objective: Nutrimuscle and Bluegem  

Bluegem recognised the need to augment Nutrimuscle's leadership team following its acquisition in July 2022. DRAX were entrusted with sourcing a new Non-Executive Director and a Chief Financial Officer with expertise in operations and supply chain, to propel Nutrimuscle's growth journey. 

The Challenge: Enhancing Leadership 

Nutrimuscle's visionary CEO recognised the potential for expansion beyond his experience and sought seasoned guidance. Bluegem aimed to fortify the executive team, a strategic move to nurture operational excellence. The challenge was met by identifying the need for a skilled Non-Executive and a Chief Financial Officer. 

DRAX Approach and Differentiators: 

In this search, DRAX's unique approach stood out. Mathieu Develay, Partner at Bluegem, commended DRAX for their structured process and detailed pitches, which featured quantitative PACE charts. “Harriet, an outstanding head-hunter, demonstrated perceptive insights and a dynamic use of the PACE tool, resulting in five successful placements within six months across the Bluegem Portfolio”. This achievement underscored DRAX's effectiveness and reach across Europe. 

Mathieu said.  

“I had a very positive experience with DRAX and Harriet and I'm very happy with the relationship that we've built. We recruited five C-suite level roles through DRAX and have now built one of the strongest relationships our business has with any headhunters. DRAX have a very structured approach to their searches, and PACE made a huge difference as a more quantitative assessment. It gave us confirmation of what came out qualitatively of the interviews with each candidate, and each candidate hired is a perfect fit for the business.”  

Transformational Appointments: 

DRAX, facilitated the selection of Noreen Gallagher as Non-Executive Director, leveraging her industry insight and network to drive growth.  

Noreen Gallagher – Non-Executive Director- Candidate experience: 

“My experience with DRAX was incredible. Harriet did her due diligence and went beyond 'ticking a box', she got to know the client and all the candidates to discover what the right fit is for both. The communication I received was phenomenal and went beyond the typical '9-5’ hours, she contacted me as soon as there were any updates. I know that the Bluegem team really trust her, as do I and I'd absolutely work with Harriet and DRAX again.”   

The trust placed by Bluegem and Noreen in Harriet speaks volumes about our professionalism and commitment. 

Baptiste Savin, a transformative financial leader, assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer, expertly steering finance, operations, and supply chain discussions.  

“My experience with DRAX was excellent. The search process was thorough, and the team was articulate, clear, and transparent. I appreciated this approach as transparency is not something you always find as a candidate in the recruitment process. This let me know they had both my best interest and the best interest of the company in mind. They have the expertise when it comes to recruiting for C-suite roles.”  

Elevating Brands through Expertise: 

Our capabilities in identifying top-tier talent, especially French-speaking Csuite with a knack for cultivating cult followings, were instrumental in elevating Nutrimuscle's brand to new heights. 

In Conclusion: 

DRAX's strategic, structured, and results-driven approach, combined with our exceptional team, positions us as a premier executive search partner. Nutrimuscle and Bluegem's success stories highlight our position as the go-to head-hunter for executive search, transforming businesses and leadership landscapes with precision and expertise.  

At DRAX we are dedicated to proving that leadership is the primary lever for value creation within private equity-backed businesses. We cover everything from leadership change, leadership development and deal advisory.  

We are committed to assisting our clients in their drive to optimise their leadership teams and achieve their value-creation plans. Get in touch with the consumer team to discover how you can add value to your C-Suite team.

Contact Harriet Fobes-Lange at

My experience with Harriet was exemplary. She's an asset to your team, embodying the professionalism, dedication, and personal touch that I believe sets DRAX apart from other agencies. I would happily recommend her and your company to my colleagues and friends seeking new opportunities.

- Chris Hammond, Digital Operating Advisor at Bluegem

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