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DRAX Facilitates Successful CMO Search for SER Group

Client Background

The SER Group, an enterprise content management company backed by the Carlyle Group, sought to engage DRAX's expertise in talent acquisition. The CEO of SER Group, John Bates, approached DRAX with a specific requirement for a highly skilled Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who could contribute to the company's transformation while being financially astute. 

The Challenge: Finding the Ideal CMO

John Bates had clear criteria for the CMO position. He wanted an individual who not only possessed contemporary knowledge of demand generation techniques but could also effectively amplify the SER Group’s brand message. The search for such a candidate proved to be a challenge.

The Experience with DRAX

Ruby Sheera and Patrick Jones from the DRAX team collaborated closely with John Bates, the CEO of SER Group and Janine Trinkaus, SER's Chief People Officer. John has a longstanding relationship with DRAX and appreciates our structured approach, effective communication, and appreciation for direct feedback. Speaking on his experience with DRAX, John stated our extensive network and friendly demeanour added to our suitability for the search.

The Result: Will McInnes as the Appointed CMO

DRAX's involvement resulted in the successful appointment of Will McInnes as the CMO of SER Group.

  • Will brings valuable expertise in social media branding and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • DRAX provided benchmarked salary advice to SER Group and presented a strong shortlist of candidates.

  • Through direct feedback and leveraging in-house behavioural analytics, DRAX refined the shortlist by analysing different personality types and aligning them with the incumbent leadership team.

The Value of DRAX

John Bates was pleased with DRAX and SER Group's collaboration, emphasising the long-term value beyond the immediate search. He recognised DRAX's role in cultivating a connected ecosystem and valued their ongoing relationship with other Carlyle Group colleagues. John's positive experience with DRAX validated their expertise and established them as a reliable partner for future endeavours.

DRAX's collaboration with SER Group aided the successful hiring of a highly skilled CMO, Will McInnes. DRAX navigated the complex search criteria set by John Bates by combining a structured approach, effective communication, and direct feedback. This collaboration demonstrates DRAX's ability to provide value which extends beyond a single project and solidifies its position as a preferred long-term partner.

Our industry experts are dedicated to optimising management teams and developing strong client relationships.​ Contact Ruby Sheera at​ for an explorative discussion about your leadership change requirements within the tech-enabled industry.

You simply want to work with people who share your values, understand your pain points, can get you where you need to go quickly, and will accept any criticism you may have in order to complete the job properly. So would I work with them again?  Absolutely!

- John Bates, CEO at SER Group

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