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Strategic Executive Recruitment Amidst Uncertainty

Wayne Churchill, a seasoned professional with 40 years of experience in the technology sector, shares his positive experiences with DRAX. DRAX played a pivotal role in executive recruitment for Wayne's endeavours. Wayne was asked by Mayfair Private Equity to step in as a transitional CEO at NASSTAR group a £100m mid-market system integration business, to complete a blot-on acquisition, and then succession plan himself out with a replacement CEO.


Mayfair was founded in 2014 and has over £2 billion of assets under management. Mayfair Equity Partners is a private equity investment firm based in London. The firm seeks to invest in the computer hardware, media, TMT, consumer, and commercial services sectors.


Nasstar is a managed IT service provider and leading Microsoft and AWS Partner, specialising in technology transformation and cloud solutions.

The Challenge at NASSTAR Group:

In late 2019, Wayne Churchill was tasked with leading the transitional phase at NASSTAR Group, a £100 million mid-market system integration business acquired by Mayfair Private Equity. The initial plan included completing an acquisition, integrating the business, and recruiting a new CEO. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly complicated the integration process.

Strategic Partnership with DRAX:

Wayne engaged DRAX to find a replacement CEO, emphasising the need for a candidate with a track record of growing, exiting businesses, and managing complex transformation programs. DRAX's adaptability, energy, decisiveness, and persistence stood out during the selection process.

"DRAX stood out in that beauty parade largely because of the energy, and decisiveness that came over in the presentation, but also the fact that you could see that they would be easier to work with, more adaptable. And I particularly liked their demonstration of persistence and perseverance, which of course would be needed in trying to recruit into what was a very difficult role to fill" Wayne Churchill CEO

Iterative Search Process:

Recognising the unique challenges of finding a suitable candidate for a private equity role, Wayne and DRAX adopted an iterative approach. The traditional search process was modified, allowing for continuous refinement based on interviews and feedback, ultimately resulting in a shortlist of two exceptional candidates.

" What I liked about working with DRAX was their ability to adapt to the situation that we were in. They had a desire to create an outcome and make something happen rather than stick to a rigid process." Wayne Churchill CEO

Successful Appointment and Ongoing Collaboration:

DRAX's strategic approach led to the successful appointment of a CEO who has been running the business successfully for over a year. Wayne highlights DRAX's ability to adapt to the situation and create outcomes, emphasising the interpersonal skills and creativity that set them apart.

Repeat Success with DRAX:

Chief Revenue Officer Recruitment:

Impressed by DRAX's performance, Wayne turned to them again in his quest to hire a Chief Revenue Officer for his £5 billion high-growth cybersecurity business. Despite the challenges of hiring for a smaller business, DRAX's creativity and execution delivered excellent results.

Conclusion: Wayne concludes with satisfaction with working with DRAX, attributing their success to their adaptability, interpersonal skills, and ability to deliver quick and effective results. Wayne showcases DRAX as a strategic partner in executive recruitment, particularly in challenging and dynamic business environments.

DRAX distinguished itself in the selection process primarily due to their energetic and decisive presentation. Additionally, their approachability and adaptability were evident, making them seem easier to collaborate with. I especially appreciated their display of persistence and perseverance, qualities essential for recruiting into a challenging role.

- Wayne Churchill, CEO at NASSTAR

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