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TTC Group: Driving Successful Growth and Recruitment

Client Overview:

Jim Kirkwood and Richard Boothroyd, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) respectively, are key members of TTC Group, a leading driver training provider in the UK. Jim and Richard were part of the original management team that executed a management buy-in of TTC Group in July 2017 with the support of Palatine Private Equity. Over the years, they successfully expanded the business, particularly in the public sector, serving 15 police forces, and in the corporate arena, providing driver training to major companies like Openreach, Virgin Media, Jaguar, Land Rover, and others. In 2021, Palatine Private Equity exited the business, and TTC Group embarked on a new phase with Pricoa, a subsidiary of Prudential, as their financial partner.

Business Challenges and Evaluation:

As TTC Group continued its growth trajectory, Jim and Richard realised that their business encompassed two distinct segments: the public sector and the corporate arena. To ensure sustained growth and focus, they considered the possibility of recruiting Managing Directors (MDs) to lead each line of business as they expanded. Recognising that their core strength lay in being a training provider, they sought to find an individual who possessed the necessary skills, capabilities, and characteristics to drive the business forward.

Engaging with DRAX and PACE:

Jim and Richard engaged with DRAX, to assist them in finding the right MD for the role. “DRAX's approach stood out due to their consultative nature and willingness to delve deep into understanding TTC Group's business and requirements.” Jim Kirkwood CEO

DRAX's team, including David Bushell and Kit Walker, conducted thorough research, not only on TTC Group as a business but also on Jim and Richard's leadership profiles.

PACE is a DRAX behavioural analytics tool, PACE allows high-performing leaders to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and the key to developing their performance levels. It is the only behavioural evaluation benchmarked against Private Equity executives, designed by leading psychologists, and purpose-built for the unique leadership demands of Venture, Private and Growth Capital. DRAX provided both individual feedback sessions and feedback on team complementarity as part of this process.

Our meticulous approach set us apart from other providers who often presented candidates without a comprehensive understanding of the company or its needs.

“They didn't necessarily know anything about the business, but they rolled up their sleeves and got a better understanding of the type of role that we were looking to fill as well as a broader understanding of the management team that was operating in the business today, and they took advantage of the opportunity to do some PACE reports.” Jim Kirkwood - CEO

“There was a deep dive into the business, both in terms of our company and its sector, but also in terms of our PACE Profiles. The candidates we saw were a perfect fit for the company.  I thought the overall approach was thorough, and the results were excellent.”

Richard Boothroyd - CFO

The Process and Results:

DRAX's data-led selection process uncovered a pool of candidates who were not actively looking for work. The profiles of the candidates were closely aligned with TTC Group's requirements. Jim and Richard chose an excellent candidate for the MD position, demonstrating the success of DRAX's approach to delivering qualified candidates. The entire experience of working with DRAX, including their consultants David, Kit, and Elliot, was extremely positive and left a lasting impression on Jim and Richard.

Recommendation and Future Collaboration

Despite not having prior experience with DRAX, Jim and Richard were extremely happy with the recruitment process and the quality of candidates has prompted them to consider DRAX for future recruitment needs. In fact, Richard is currently working with DRAX's sister company in the North, The Rowan Group, to identify a Sales Director for TTC Group. The seamless interaction and impressive candidate selection from Rowan Group have reinforced their confidence in working with DRAX in different areas 


TTC Group's partnership with DRAX proved highly valuable in achieving its talent acquisition objectives. DRAX's consultative approach, thorough research, and selection process ensured that the candidates presented were an excellent fit for TTC Group's requirements.

After successfully completing PACE for the incumbent leadership and comparing the profiles of the shortlisted candidates, James Swaffield was eventually appointed as the business's new MD. He was helped with his onboarding in terms of his personal PACE insights and how he can connect with and complement the TTC team. 

TTC Group's positive experience with DRAX serves as a testament to the effectiveness and quality of DRAX's wider capabilities and evaluation techniques.

DRAX's approach stood out due to its consultative nature and willingness to delve deep into understanding TTC Group's business and requirements

- Jim Kirkwood, CEO at TTC

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