Having the right leadership is accepted by all as one of, if not the most, value accretive actions you can take within the investment cycle.

Evaluating who is right and what impact they will have on company growth within the defined period of the investment cycle is where we differentiate ourselves.

Executive recruitment is not only about access to the highest calibre candidates but doing everything possible to assure they will help drive the value sought from the appointment.

We undertake more assignments per year for executive recruitment within private equity backed portfolio companies than any other firm. (For the whole of the investment life cycle or for specific short burst assignments).

We believe that everyone has a value when placed in the right environment.

In 2010 we were briefed for a CFO search of a consumer PE-backed portfolio company based in Lancashire. The candidate needed to have had a successful exit track record within PE of a B2C company, be immediately available but still be hungry. The brief was clear and well defined.

In the conversation that followed, it became clear that our client was unaware of how many CFOs like the one they had described actually existed or were available. This was fine as they were the client. It would have been unreasonable for us to expect them to have such knowledge. But the same couldn’t be said of us. We should have known, but we didn’t.

This was the genesis of drxDATA®, our proprietary data analytics platform; if presented with the same scenario today, this would enable us to give a definitive answer.


What do our clients say about us?

Bob Darling

Bob Darling

CEO, Jensten

"I felt well informed and feedback from applicants was that they had been treated with huge respect."

Bob Darling
Chris Rolland

Chris Rolland

CEO, AllClear Insurance

"Mat and his team were quick to comprehend nuances and conducted a very seamless and smooth process. I am very appreciative of the hard work and effort that they put into finding the right candidate."

Chris Rolland
Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke

CEO, Zenergi

"I am delighted that we found the perfect individual who not only had the experience and expertise we required but really was a Zen person too."

Graham Cooke

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