We support individual leaders and teams as they transition from one phase of the investment cycle to the next.

Change & the resultant psychological transition have the potential to disrupt the momentum that a company has achieved up to this point. Stress, unease & avoidance are all-natural responses to large-scale changes.  We work with senior leadership to increase engagement & resilience in times of organisational change.

Our Expertise

drxDATA® – Predicting the value of every leader in private equity

Our objective is to provide clients with the smartest actionable insights on leadership to achieve maximum returns.

Too often judgements on leadership teams are heavily biased on the result of the exit they had achieved. Whilst the exit is a clear result, it’s a single data point that we feel doesn’t tell the full story as to what or how the leadership team contributed to the success of the exit.

Our insights inform & shape the decisions of our clients so they can support their management teams, who in turn can maximise the value from the opportunity.


We support high performing teams by developing actionable insights that both challenge & support.

Whilst the word exit refers to the specific point in time in which the sale occurs, the final act from which the full value of the investment will be crystalized, for us, begins 18 months earlier. The Leadership dynamic as it approaches the exit phase can be multi-dimensional. The leadership are at this point still tasked with driving performance, whilst individual clarity might be developing as to which members of the team are reaching their potential and unlikely to continue the journey and with motives upon a transaction different for some, it’s a key period in which planning, support & change needs careful consideration.  

Working across the different agendas our support helps identify where the specific challenges might be coming from & the follow on support as to what to do next.

Transaction Support

We look to enhance value for exits by identifying & originating bolt on acquisition opportunities.

The opportunity still exists to identify value accretive bolt on’s that can both strengthen the probability of a successful exit, or help create a new exit window through changing the trajectory of the company.

Executive Recruitment

Normally looked at 18 months before exit occurs allows decisions to be made & actions quickly executed.

Approaching the exit period of the investment life cycle brings into stark reality how well the company is positioned to fulfill its potential value. Any opportunity to enhance or improve the company performance is normally intrinsically linked with a member, if not the whole, of the leadership team. Appointing selling CxO’s or executives on short burst specific assignments can often help but it’s a time in which whatever guise they are brought into the team it’s critical all can be assured the change will strengthen the business performance in parallel with the company, culture and complementarity of the team.

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