Our solutions drive huge value in PE backed businesses.

Born out of an international search firm, our team is passionate about the impact leadership can have on creating shareholder value.

We enjoy the challenge of assembling leadership teams where capital is deployed within a finite timeline to achieve a targeted objective.

Understanding the performance of past investments and the impact that leadership has had is critical. All the evaluations we reach are supported by objective data before assessing the individual and cultural fit.

We act quickly and deliver with flexibility when supporting our clients.

Leadership powered by drxDATA® provides unparalleled insights based on our diagnostic approach to stimulate the debate and highlight the potential around leadership capability and impact.

We bring science and rigour to leadership. We believe that leadership can be tangible from which you can measure, anticipate and optimise performance.

Leadership is a vital aspect of value creation. Leaders, their leadership teams, culture and the atmosphere they create have the potential to deliver exceptional returns.

We provide individual and team evaluations for the executive management of private equity backed businesses, ensuring they are well positioned to realise their strategic goals.

Our approach is strength-based, combined with identifying development areas. We focus on how individuals and teams can maximise their strengths and minimise the potential negative effect of their development areas.

Our insights are developed using proprietary data tools, empirical psychologically driven understanding and made real by skilled psychologists and private equity experienced leaders.


What do our clients say about us?

Richard West

Richard West

CFO, Avicenna

"For Drax, it’s not just about looking to fill a role for a client, but really looking for the right fit for the individual."

Richard West
Danny Waters

Danny Waters

CEO, Enra

"I am not sure that we would have uncovered that particular individual if we hadn’t used Drax."

Danny Waters
Bob Darling

Bob Darling

CEO, Jensten

"I felt well informed and feedback from applicants was that they had been treated with huge respect."

Bob Darling

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