We support our clients as much pre deal as we do post deal.

Working exclusively on each opportunity, we support our clients to determine whether they want to commit time & resource, develop win themes & test their analysis against the experience of leaders with a track record equivalent to the opportunity. Utilising proprietary tools we conduct arm’s length management team assessments which provide context & allow our clients to test their level of conviction to invest.

Once the Investment is made and pre deal analysis & insights have been submitted, our work often facilitates early conversations with the leadership about its existing capability, where there are gaps & the support that is required. Our insights are independent, evidenced based & help remove personal bias.

Our Expertise

drxDATA® – Predicting the value of every leader in private equity

​We know:

  • strong management teams make a material difference on the investment success.
  • change will occur amongst the management team during the life cycle of an investment

We believe this presents a material opportunity. 

We provide pre deal management evaluations from developing data driven critical insights without having direct access to the management team. The understanding we develop provides a clear narrative that goes beyond helping our clients develop their level of conviction towards the investment and also acts as the cornerstone to forming their roadmap of the leadership team post investment.


We support our clients to understand the capabilities of the leadership teams that they are considering investing in.

Our conclusions aren’t binary – instead we make our clients aware of the challenges, limitations and individual ceilings for further development of the leadership team, thereby empowering them to form their own decisions. The opportunity and the person are dynamic factors and what works well today may not necessarily provide the same value in 12 months’ time. Foreseeing where the leadership challenge will come from allows our clients to manage this change without pushing back the exit horizon.

We strengthen leadership teams by either developing their existing competencies in bespoke and targeted areas or by assessing new candidates for their fit into the current leadership team. Each leader should provide on multiple fronts; being the best functional leader but making little contribution to the culture of the leadership team is not enough.

Transaction Support

We provide our clients with access to the most relevant expert witnesses, subject matter experts & deal advisors on an exclusive basis.

Primarily we support our clients’ own deal origination by identifying & providing them with access to subject matter experts, expert witnesses & deal advisors exclusively on a deal by deal basis.

We source & provide access to secondary & tertiary deal opportunities prior to a formal process, commencing either at the behest of the leadership team or through our own independent analysis.

Our clients value early access to management teams pre formal process initiation to help determine their own level of conviction to participate.

Working with individuals and teams who have a track record from within private equity helps our clients triage their level of interest. If our experts can’t help you differentiate your proposition to win the deal, they will help you qualify out early returning time back to you and the next opportunity.

Executive Recruitment

​We believe that everyone has a value when placed in the right environment.  Our challenge is to understand what is the environment or situation that will allow an individual or team to excel.

​Not everyone is cut out to operate within the fast pace performance orientated world of private equity.  Sometimes the opportunity in front of the company is greater than the bandwidth or skills of the team assembled today.  We strengthen leadership teams by bringing individuals with additive skills & experiences to the team, either on a project or permanent basis.

Often we are helping our clients to assemble the right team during the pre-deal phase so that no time is lost upon investment.

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