Our clients’ requests for how we might support them often set our direction.

Since our commitment several years ago to focus on private equity & leadership​, the support we have provided our clients has occurred earlier & earlier within their own deal cycle.

Our clients realised before we did, that the network we had developed across the leadership teams of PE backed companies, and the work we had conducted across PLC boards, has as much value if deployed pre deal against specific investment situations as it does in any other stage of the investment cycle.

We are interested in understanding who are the best leaders across all companies, regardless of ownership & are constantly meeting these leaders so we can learn as well.

Providing specific subject matter experts so our clients can access knowledge & experience to develop their own conviction for the opportunity is critical. Quite often we return time back to our clients, as deciding not to proceed on a deal after access & knowledge from one of our experts can be as invaluable as pursuing the deal & winning.

We provide pre deal subject matter experts, plus deal advisors to non-executive appointments to help strengthen our clients’ pre deal work as well as sourcing & deal origination upon request. All of our pre deal transaction support is exclusive to one client for each assignment.


What do our clients say about us?

Lynn McClelland

Lynn McClelland

CEO of HCT Group

"Jack and the team were available throughout the process which allowed us to have comprehensive discussions and progress at pace. I would happily work with Drax again."

Lynn McClelland
Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke

CEO, Zenergi

"I am delighted that we found the perfect individual who not only had the experience and expertise we required but really was a Zen person too."

Graham Cooke
Scott Fletcher

Scott Fletcher

Group Chief Executive Office, Crawford Scientific Holdings Limited

"We were really pleased with the personal aspect of it and the fact that the people at Drax had actually been there and walked in our shoes."

Scott Fletcher

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