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Business Services

Business Services is a broad category describing companies that provide work, insight, and services to support the operations of businesses. The UK is a global leader in the services sector with businesses often having “sticky” revenue streams that provide a strong foundation for growth through tech-enablement, internationalisation, development of proprietary processes & IP and diversification of services all of which can be supported by significant M&A.

Across a broad range of verticals including:

  • Facilities Management

  • business Process Outsourcing

  • TIC, Logistics & Distribution

  • Rental

  • Industrial services

  • Human capital services

We work with organisations to ensure they remain at the forefront of their market as both their and their customers’ needs evolve in a rapidly changing global economy.

Why Choose Drax?

Our experienced team has been supporting the growth of businesses across this sector for over 20 years through an integrated suite of service offerings, including executive search, leadership insights and behavioural assessments. This enables us to provide a multi-dimensional view of Leadership that combines data led insights alongside our deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the sector, to support our clients in leveraging talent to mitigate risk and maximise their value creation plans.

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If you’re seeking ways to invest in leadership teams or require the expertise, guidance and support of a strategic-led implementation partner, then contact us today. 

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