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Ardian acquires stake in ProduceShop

June 9th, 2020

Ardian acquires stake in ProduceShop

Ardian has acquired stake in ProduceShop, a Swiss e-commerce platform specialised in the production and sale of indoor and outdoor furniture in Europe.

ProduceShop's sales model allows it to combine prestigious brands with its own brands through analytical tools that anticipate the demands of European customers. The e-commerce platform has managed to triple its turnover in less than three years by selling more than 50% in France, Germany and the UK.

The founders of ProduceShop said: "We have ambitious internationalisation plans for ProduceShop. Our development model is unique from a technological point of view; we are a 3.0 e-commerce company. Ardian Growth is the ideal partner for this operation: their experience in e-commerce has made a difference."

Laurent Foata, head of Ardian Growth, added: "The talent and vision of the founders combined with a determined and competent team convinced us right away. In addition to providing support thanks to Ardian Growth's network and know-how in helping growing companies, this partnership aims to accompany ProduceShop in its strategy of conquering and penetrating new international markets."

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