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Carlyle exits Japanese bean sprouts firm Meisui Bijin Factory

March 2nd, 2020

Carlyle exits Japanese bean sprouts firm Meisui Bijin Factory

Private equity firm The Carlyle Group has sold Meisui Bijin Factory, a bean sprouts manufacturer in Japan, to Shinmei, a wholesale rice business.

Carlyle invested in Meisui Bijin Factory in March 2016. It has since helped the company through a strategic transformation which has involved developing a new management structure within the business, starting a new factory to establish and scale-up Meisui Bijin Factory’s pre-cut vegetable business, strengthening the company’s market position in bean sprouts through bolstering marketing and sales capabilities; and rebuilding Meisui Bijin Factory’s missions and vision.

Yusuke Watanabe, Managing Director of the Carlyle Japan advisory team, said: “We have been delighted to partner with Meisui Bijin Factory over the past four years, and feel great pride on the transformation and resulting value creation that we have collectively achieved within the business.”

Jiro Wakasa, President and Representative Director at Meisui Bijin Factory, added: “We at Meisui Bijin Factory would like to thank Carlyle for enabling us to achieve a period of such significant growth, and for their dedication to our mission to contribute to the everyday health and wellbeing of our customers.”


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