Drax Executive's Specialist Strategy to Sourcing the Right People for Private Equity and High-Growth Companies

February 27th, 2023

Drax Executive's Specialist Strategy to Sourcing the Right People for Private Equity and High-Growth Companies

To design and sustain ambitious growth plans, private equity firms demand a specific set of talents from their management teams. Working for a private equity-backed company necessitates a thorough understanding of how things function in practice, as well as the capacity to create and execute results that are in line with the firm's goals and objectives. It is a difficult workplace, but one that offers benefits to those who achieve it.

Senior leaders in private equity businesses must be capable of developing effective value-creation initiatives, meeting defined objectives, and delivering outcomes. The battle for top talent is fierce, and finding people with the correct talents and personality traits can be difficult.

Drax Executive is an executive search business that specialises in locating top-tier talent for these organisations. They are aware of the problems that these companies face and pair skilled leaders with challenging roles to ensure success.

We employ leadership dynamics, a digital insight solution created for individual leaders and leadership teams that employs a set of benchmark analytics that examines every private equity transaction in the UK and Europe since 2010. The platform recognises the organisations' investment and exit dates, as well as the return on investment. It examines each of those leadership teams' structure, experience, and behaviour.

This allows us to understand what distinguishes the best performing firms from their counterparts, and thus discover the important features across leadership teams that enable successful value generation.

Curious about private equity?

Private equity is a fast-moving, and challenging sector that requires a particular skillset from its stakeholders. Private equity firms require experienced, proactive, and agile management teams that can develop and sustain ambitious plans for growth.

Working for a private equity-backed firm requires an advanced understanding of what works in practice, not just in theory. A private equity-backed business will look to work with an executive management team that is motivated to deliver and execute results that are fully aligned with their aims, objectives and value creation plans.

Why consider working for a private equity-backed company? 

A senior leader at a private equity-backed business will be expected to deliver results. This makes it a challenging working environment, but also one with rewards. To be a successful private equity stakeholder you will need to develop close, collaborative relationships with the private equity fund. Additionally, you will require the ability to develop effective value-creation plans, achieve objectives and goals set by the fund and then deliver on them.

Working with a private equity-backed business demands greater relevant industry-specific experience when compared with many general corporate hires. Their expertise allows the private equity executive to onboard seamlessly, moving quickly to implement target-driven policy changes.

Outstanding individuals are in demand.

Working with a PE-backed company is uniquely challenging, whatever your level of experience. Leaders need to be able to react quickly to develop strategy, conduct organisational design and meet defined time-specific targets. Bringing in key people will be crucial to the success of your stewardship. Speed is a key element with Private Equity Houses looking for the fastest route to securing a profitable return on their investment.

So how can private equity-backed companies locate professionals with the right set of skills and personal attributes required to deliver their targets?

The criteria for the roles are demanding and the competition for employing the best people is fierce. 

Drax Executive is here to support with identifying top-tier talent that meets these demanding criteria. We ensure the right individual, with the correct skillset finds the perfect role in alliance with their experience.

Make Drax your first choice for Executive Search 

At Drax Executive, we put creative solutions and smart insights at the heart of our services. We understand the unique challenges faced by private equity-backed companies and some of the recruitment challenges they face. There is little room for error when it comes to leadership recruitment in the sector, and we understand the distinct criteria required to drive success.

We match experienced senior leaders with exciting and challenging roles as well as identify ambitious candidates who are ready to go to the next level.

When you work with Drax, you increase your chances of securing the results detailed in your succession plan.

If you are interested in learning more, or you would like to speak with us, please contact our team.

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