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Inflexion exits Glide

June 2nd, 2020

Inflexion exits Glide

Inflexion has sold Glide to US investor Alinda Capital. The sale follows a six-year period of transformational growth for the business.

Glide designs, installs and manages fibre networks required to deliver broadband connectivity. The company's fibre network now reaches 100,000 premises and approximately 250,000 customers.

Tim Pilcher, CEO of Glide, said: "Inflexion has been a vital part of our success as we have significantly transformed and grown our business. Their strong experience in the technology and telecoms sector has been invaluable as we have expanded our network, enhanced our capacity and improved our services. With Inflexion’s support we were able to successfully complete two transformational strategic acquisitions, making Glide a national leader in our target markets. We look forward to continuing building on this success with our new partners."

Simon Turner, Managing Partner at Inflexion, added: "We are pleased to have supported Glide’s strong growth journey, which has seen the company transformed into the UK fibre leader serving niche markets and benefitting from the exponential growth in broadband usage. That Glide attracted strong interest at this time is vindication of its position as a robust leader in its field. Its transformation through the strategic M&A we supported has given it a very strong and defensible position, making it well placed to continue to grow further with its new backers."

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