Meet the team – Q&A with Chris Scott, Partner, Financial Services

November 18th, 2021

Meet the team – Q&A with Chris Scott, Partner, Financial Services

You joined Drax in November 2021 as a partner in our financial services practice. What drew you to the firm?

Drax is building a truly differentiated offering through our proprietary Leadership Dynamics data platform. The business is well placed to be a positive disruptive force to executive search, c-level teams, and the wider private equity industry. Such innovation makes it an exciting time to be joining the business.

You’ve launched ventures across consumer and tech in recent years. How might this experience benefit your engagements with investor and portfolio teams?

It has given me the chance to experience working life from a completely different perspective. Spending time in the trenches at start-ups, trying to turn a profit, has also helped me gain an appreciation for the ‘real world’ value that a company like Drax brings to their clients. This value, which is often about spotting growth opportunities and efficiencies, can get lost if you don’t have a chance to take a step back or look at the offering from the client’s viewpoint.

Of the many mandates you have worked on in your career, can you talk about any which have stood out?

In my previous executive search role, I worked on a number of inorganic and strategic hires in financial services – moving teams or bolting on businesses in order to add product capability. On those types of assignments, I was working with senior leadership as more of a strategic adviser than as a traditional headhunter. It was something I enjoyed hugely.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

Home life has little downtime! I happily pick up after two toddlers and have an inspirational wife who is 12 months into her own start-up venture. I also try to fit in as much golf as I can.

Which is your favourite international city and why?

I was fortunate enough to spend part of my academic life at the University of Sydney, and having spent so much time there while young and free of responsibilities will always give it a special place in my heart!

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